We offer different types of treatment to aid in recovery from any substance addiction. Our art therapy sessions allow patients to express themselves non-verbally when they cannot make their emotions into coherent sentences. We have theater programs so that aspiring actors can shine and tell a story uniquely their own to a wide audience. All of our alternative therapy treatments and activities and supplemented with CBT therapy or others types of talk therapy.

Group interaction is also highly encouraged in our treatment center. Each daily schedule includes a group therapy session for patients to get to know each other and speak about issues to discover them in a new light. Our talented therapists work with these individuals to show them how they can better themselves and rise above the hold of their addiction.

Treatment is never a waste of time, as new techniques are always being discovered that help prevents relapse and bring patients more inner peace. During group therapy, these new techniques are applied to make individuals get more introspective and look within themselves to come to conclusions about their choices.

Our treatment options can be customized for every individual, as no one ever needs the exact same thing as someone else. We employ different approaches depending on the substance and the severity of addiction and work tirelessly to make sure our patients move forward in their rehabilitation.

As humans, we aren’t always on the right track when it comes to choosing a path in life. We may start off going the right way but something pulls us off course – for a lot of our patients, the things that pull them off course is their addiction. When it seems like a method isn’t working for someone and they start to doubt their ability to heal, there’s always a plan that we turn to so they can get back on track.

Giving up is never an option, and we will continuously work with individuals in group and one-on-one sessions to bring them up from the darkest of places and give them confidence, the strength of mind, vitality, excitement for life, and a chance to live the way they’ve always wanted to live.

Our treatments are a second chance for people that feel as though they’ve never gotten a chance in the first place. We are here to help them make the change towards a better future for them and their family members.


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