Our spa offers the latest in treatment techniques to boost the confidence and self-esteem of our patients. Individuals often enter our facility at their worst – they haven’t done their hair, shaved, showered, or cut their nails. We provide all those services and more within our treatment program so that they can look their best and feel even better during rehabilitation.

We know the importance of feeling your best when it comes to mental battles, as the mental battle is often a lot harder than the physical battle. Withdrawal symptoms wear off after days or weeks, but emotions may still be out of balance and their mindset can be in a very dark place. With the availability of our extensive spa services, such as facials and massages, patients can take the best care of themselves while they work to become better versions of themselves.

We even provide the latest in facial therapy, such as hydrafacial that utilize microdermabrasion technology to deliver an instantaneous brightening and tightening of the facial skin and complexion. Our salon is open daily so that patients, new or current, can get the style they want and express themselves in any way they desire. Our stylists are highly skilled and trained, so you can go in knowing the outcome is going to be a beautiful sight to behold.

Our facility also gives makeovers, so the makeup lover can once again shine with palettes that match their skin tone and make their eyes pop. Individuals can rest easy know that anytime they desire, they can change up their look to match the mood of their day or week.

Our on-site nail salon can take care of any unsightly nails that need to be trimmed, shaped, or polished. We take absolutely every step to ensure our patient’s satisfaction at the end of their session, so they can return to their treatment feeling fresh and well dressed.

It has been proven that emotional outlook, mood, and behavior improve when the physical body is taken care of, and this goes for exercise as well. On top of promoting physical health through movement, we also promote mental health through the healing of negative self-criticism and possibly years of negative emotions associated with their own looks or traits.

Patients should feel like they look their best and they should feel like they are worth the effort it takes to make themselves look presentable each and every day that they bring themselves from the pull of addiction.

It’s never easy to fight a daily battle, and many fights the battle and lose countless times before they seek help. But once help is found, there’s no limit to how strong an individual can become. The battles that once knocked them off their feet will only serve to make them stronger and more skilled than they were before.

Their mental fortitude will increase and they will not be scared to take a leap in life and say no to their bad behaviors and addictions.