Our facility offers a wide range of activities options to fit every individual’s needs and requirements. We have a vast array of activities to fit any interests, from arts and crafts to horseback riding. Get outside and explore nature or take a deep breath and do calming and fun activities indoors.

No matter what a patient likes we have something that is the perfect fit for their unique personality. Our staff works closely with patients to see what their likes and dislikes are, and we work our schedule and activities around their desires.

We focus on giving patients the option to do whatever they want within our guidelines, so they don’t feel restricted during any part of our treatment program. We take many steps to ensure they have the proper access to any and all of our amenities, and we provide them with multiple options to take their mind off their problems and put it on productive and constructive things.

Patients have the option to participate in activities like hiking, biking, bowling, horseback riding, skating, basketball, tennis, and more. We have a pool on -site for patient use during daylight hours, and the gym is open and monitored twenty-four hours a day. Our patients never lack when it comes to safety, as we have security in convenient places to ensure nothing happens on our premises.

If you’re not the sporty type, we offer other activities that can be done while indoors. We conduct chess tournaments as well as pool championships, and many patients with similar interests come together and form teams and leagues.

Participation is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged so that patients get the best our treatment facility and experience building social connections that last a lifetime.

Communication is important, and we work with each and every individual to make sure they can get the most out of their time with us. We don’t force anything on anyone, but we take steps to make sure they know they’re welcome to join anytime during any activity without judgment.

Take pride in knowing your loved one is having fun and receiving the best treatment possible for their addiction. We actively work to prevent relapse, and our methods have shown to reduce the occurrence of relapse over time and with consistent treatment.

Physical health is essential to building good mental health, so exercise is highly encouraged in every member. Whether it’s going for a walk, run, swim, or playing tennis or badminton we provide options to do just so.

We make it easy for patients to distract themselves from the woes of life and any negative emotions and habits so that patients can put their past behavior behind and focus on something new and exciting.

Our facility is never boring, we are always hosting events that members and staff put together to make sure everyone is involved and putting their achievements in the world. We build confidence within them to keep them from going back to destructive tendencies.