We’ve added an all-new area to our facility that lets you take care of business without having to worry about your children running around and getting into places they shouldn’t. Our children’s room is for the whole family and provides games and activities to keep them engaged for the entire duration of your visit.

A children’s room takes away the need for a babysitter, so you can visit your loved one more often while they are staying at our treatment center. Patients can relax knowing their children are coming to see them, and not sitting at home with a stranger or relative and missing their parent. The entire family can visit and have fun while you talk about important matters and reconnect after a long absence.

Being away from family can be tough, but we make it easier with rooms filled with toys and instruments for kids of all ages. We have licensed nannies on staff to look after children, so you do not need to fret about their care. Our nannies are trained and available during all visiting hours, bring them anytime and get to spend time with your loved one.

We aim to foster a feeling of general togetherness between staff, patients, peers, and family members. The first step to connecting is to build that connection through communication.

Programs that limit visits and don’t allow children on the premises do not foster a bond between family members. Individuals may go weeks or months without seeing their loved ones, and phone calls can only go so far when patients get homesick and miss their relatives and children.

We work with you to give them peace of mind and the ability to see a little piece of home whenever they can. Don’t miss out on a visit because you can’t find a babysitter, come and let us watch over the family with the same care we do our patients.